Make Offer

An Auction presents the seller with the opportunity to dispose of assets instantaneously.Serious buyers bring competitive bidding to the auction.  This is a very important aspectto consider when deciding on a method to dispose of assets, seeing that competitive biddingoffers great value at prices which are determined by the open market.  
* Register as a bidder.  This is normally compulsory in order to bid.  
* Read your full terms and conditions "Conditions of Sale"   
* Remember, Auction sales are non-suspensive and "VOETSTOOTS". You must do your homework.
* Watch, listen and bid only when you feel comfortable to do so  
* Acquaint yourself with assets you are interested in and their condition before the sale.
* Address all queries, questions and requests for advice before the commencement of the auction to BARCO Auctioneers representatives and on-the-floor assistant auctioneers
*  Direct all questions to the assistant auctioneers as the Auctioneer will normally not allow a public forum question time.
*  Raise your buyers card or your hand high up to place a bid   
*  Make eye contact with the Auctioneer or his assistant Auctioneer so that they acknowledge your bid
* Call out your bid if necessary and attract the Auctioneer's or assistant Auctioneers attention.saying "NO" when you have reached your maximum bid.
* Remove yourself from the bidding by clearly indicating with a shake of your head or
* Keep in mind that you are LEGALLY BOUND by your bid.   
* Settle deposits and payments immediately after the auction is concluded. 
*  Bid if you have no money to purchase or have not made proper financial arrangements to purchase
* Bid if you are not registered as a bidder.    
* Bid if you did not acquaint yourself with the full Conditions of Sale and do not understand it.
* Be intimidated by other bidders as they may be trying to put you off bidding. 
* Be shy to ask a BARCO Auctioneers representative questions if you are not 100% sure of all your obligations as purchaser.
* Hesitate or procrastinate when bidding since you will loose the deal.  
* Contact the auctioneers with a higher bid after the sale, you will most likely be too late.
* Lose your bidders card as it represent your registration deposit.  Report it immediately.
* Commissions and taxes may be payable over and above your bid price.  
* All our Auctions are recorded to avoid confusion and disputes.  Each auction is audited.
*  Our Auctioneers are all trained and qualified members of the South African Institute of Auctioneers and of the South African Estate Agency Affairs Board.
* All deposits are paid into valid Trust Accounts in accordance with relevant legislation.
* Register with BARCO Auctioneers to be placed on our mailing list.  An informative sms will be send to you, notifying you of upcoming auctions ONLY. You may correspond back via sms to receive a catalogue via fax or e-mail     
* visit our website regularly for more information about upcoming auction sales.